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"We are a next-generation trans-led film production house with a primary focus on creating and curating narratives that are brown, queer and women-led. Based in Mumbai (India), we are a small team of dedicated and bold creatives looking to the future of filmmaking, with cultural awareness and integrity, and above all, a love for the medium of film. 

Founded in 2020, Star Hopper was born out of the need to establish safe spaces for filmmakers, technicians and talent from South Asian LGBTQIA++ and underrepresented communities to thrive and flourish. We believe in the power and magic of storytelling and serve to tell inspiring and impact driven stories from a lens that has been historically marginalised; one that is unique, progressive and cross-cultural." 


- Star Hopper -


Star Hopper's works have found home on platforms like Nowness Asia, Nowness, Directors Notes, Disney+Star, Disney+Hotstar. We have produced Awards winning works which have travelled over innumerable festivals, events and screenings around the world


CONFIDENTIAL : All information contained in this document/email/website as well as in any of the attached documents/links including any creative idea, poem, graphic, artwork, story, screenplay, treatment, synopsis, script or video (“Information”) is strictly confidential in nature, and is proprietary to Star Hopper. You acknowledge that the Information is being shared with you by Star Hopper only for the limited purpose of exploring a possible business opportunity with you and does not, in any manner, grant any rights in the Information in your favour. You, therefore, will not copy, reproduce, amend, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute or monetise in any way, the Information, in full or in part, without obtaining prior written consent of Star Hopper nor will you use the Information to your benefit without giving Star Hopper the due acknowledgements, monetarily and otherwise.


We specialise in documentary, new media and narrative fiction. We also love making music videos, branded content, and experimental film works. With our finger on the pulse of changing global politics and technology, we work with labels, brands, agencies, clients, various arts, culture and social organisations, both in-&-outside of India, who are aiming to push the culture towards equitable authorship, authenticity and cultural engagement. We add value to each and every part of the production process, from pitch through to delivery, and believe we can make every idea better, together.





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We are a small team of dedicated and bold creatives from diverse backgrounds with a shared love for the medium of storytelling. 





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